Earn a $25 reward for each friend you refer that opens a First Service checking account.68

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Reap the Benefits

You can now earn $25 for each and every friend that you introduce to First Service. They just have to open a qualifying checking account. We’ll also throw in $25 for each of them after they join. You both get paid! Log in and use our all new Referral Portal to get started.

*Disclaimer: See details below.

Here’s How Our Referral Program Works

There are several ways to earn referral rewards. You can notify your friends by text or email in the Referral Portal, or you can copy a link to share however you like. Within our system, we’ll assign you a unique, personal identification code that helps us keep track of everyone you notify. No matter how you let your friends know, the three options in the Referral Portal are designed to make it quick and easy for both of you!


    Enter your friend’s name and phone number and we’ll send them a text message that contains a link with your unique, personal identification code. Again, this code is what helps us keep track.


    Enter your friend’s name and email address and we’ll send them an email that contains a link with your unique, personal identification code that helps us keep track of your referral.


    Copy the link above to share with friends at your leisure. Think link can be shared to social media, posted on your blog, or sent via instant message. Simply paste the link and we’ll do the rest!

Here’s How to Qualify

As you might expect, there are some rules as to who may qualify for this program. For both parties to receive a referral reward, we do require that new members referrals open a First Service checking account and set up direct deposit. This includes any of the following options:

  1. Free Checking with Debit Rewards
  2. High-Yield Checking
  3. Navigator Checking

New accounts must be opened with a minimum balance of $500 and a minimum of $1,000 per month must be received by direct deposit for two consecutive months to qualify. During this time, the new account must maintain a minimum balance of $500. For a full list of terms and restrictions, please see the disclaimer below.